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Within Tibetan tradition Medicine Buddha is seen as the Supreme Physician. It is said that he lives thousands of galaxies away. It is also said that he lives in a different realm than the physical realm that we experience everyday. A fact is that, as soon as you invoke Medicine Buddha, he is present immediately. There are many ways to sing the Medicine Buddha Mantra and to experience Medicine Buddha.

The colour of Medicine Buddha is blue; the blue as it appears in the gem Lapis Lazuli. While singing the mantra a lot of people experience a blue light. There are also many people that can perceive Medicine Buddha in many different ways.



Medicine Buddha is a fully awakened Buddha, who has conquered the cycle of birth, aging, sickness and death and out of compassion makes his healing powers available for everybody. Healing can take place on different levels:

-         On a physical level

-         On a mental level (which includes the emotional and the psychological)

-         On a spiritual level

His most important work is the healing of ignorance..

“Good health is a balance between receiving and releasing love”


Medicine Buddha Havan (fire ceremony) in Rishikesh, Februari 2008: