Gurupurnima day (a wonderful day)

Gurupurnima is a holiday where one celebrates the connection with the guru; we have celebrated this connection with a huge Medicine Buddha and the recording of his mantra. Joep and I have learnt this mantra from our guru ShantiMayi, and a guru teaches one to discover the guru within. Medicine Buddha allows me to discover a lot, and thus this circle is round again. As round as the full moon on this day.

In the past weeks Joep and I have made several preparations for the weekend of the 17th of July at the Humaniversity. One of these was to find the huge Medicine Buddha statue which was shown in the vision. I have made a lot of calls and wrote a lot of e-mails, and of all things he turned up in a web shop located in Haarlem, our hometown; thanks Saskia and Arno for your involvement!

On the 7th of July (7-7; that is so special because 7 is the sacred number of the Tibetan Buddhists), yesterday night, a magnificent Medicine Buddha came to us. This Medicine Buddha started speaking to me; the first sight on the web shop gave a reaction of “it is possible”; not really enthusiastic. A few weeks later he appeared in a dream and in a meditation. When Joep and I saw him yesterday we became still: he touched us into tears. Life is so wonderful….

Straight after we took him to the music studio Smeenk Brothers in the Waarderpolder to record a CD with the healing ritual of the Medicine Buddha. The Medicine Buddha was put next to his little brother; they come along well. We bathed him with Ganga water, and honored him with incense, a flower and of course his mantra.

Recording a CD is another wonderful experience; I am used to being free in singing and moving; for recording I had to keep my mouth at a specific distance from the microphone: have you ever done that? There is way less liberty in movement… We finished with the singing of a singing bowl. After three takes a rather big singing bowl becomes a rather HEAVY singing bowl. Hearing our voices back is a novelty as well; beautifulllll! According to Pieter (Joep’s youngest brother) Joep and me complete each other voicewise……we complete each other with quite more.

And the weekend comes closer and closer; I look so much forward to it!!! See you there…


A blog on Hyves

Yesterday I wrote a blog on Hyves about the Medicine Buddha healing event in July. Many of my Hyves-friends will already be gone on holidays, live too far away, or have other reasons for not being able to attend. So I have let know that everyone who reads my blog may give me names. I would make sure that the names (or other cases) would turn up on paper and in the fire at the healing ceremony.
I received a terrific amount of reactions, seldom I got so many.

Many wrote names under my blog. Even more sent me a private message with names. Often they wrote the reason for the request for healing. Many mails were very personal.
Many requested healing for themselves, their families, for the world, for peace.
There were people asking for healing for a dying member of the family, ’so that they may die in peace’.
It touched me that so many reacted, and that the reactions were so intimate.

CLICK HERE to read the blog on Hyves (it’s only in Dutch…)

Fire ceremony at the Ringvaart in Vijfhuizen

Running up to the Medicine Buddha Healing Weekend in July we held for 8 weeks every week a Medicine Buddha evening. The evenings were not just fun and cozy but also became ever more intimate and deep.
At the end of the evening many people related what they had experienced and what for they had requested healing. You may say that everyone went home every time happy and contented.


For me it has been very special to organize this evenings and to see how well everybody takes it.
I have added some pictures from the last evening. With a number of people we went to Linda’s place (one of the participants) and made a Medicine Buddha fire ceremony.
All of the names we had piled up during the previous evenings went into the fire, and they were plenty!

The property lies adjacent to a canal, and because we were not allowed to park the cars at that side of the canal, we parked at the other side, and all participants had to cross the canal in a very small boat.
It was a combination of laughter and a sense of romanticism. A lot of fun, and worthy of a repetition.

Omar brings Peter and Ineke to the other shore and almost sinks!

Omar brings Peter and Ineke to the other shore and almost sinks!


For me, this was the first time to play saxophone to the four directions, Mother Earth and Father Sky.
It was fun to do,

and everybody claimed it was very beautiful

Playing for father sky

Playing for father sky

Ceremonies at Humaniversity

Amrit and me have visited the Humaniversity several times to discuss the Medicine Buddha Weekend. Every time we were received gracefully; everyone was very happy we were there. We felt very welcome!
The first time Naropa came with us, and the second time our son Wouter. Thus there were at least three people who knew the mantra.

Wouter at Humaniversity

Wouter at Humaniversity

 Because at the Humaniversity no-one knew the mantra beforehand, we performed the ceremony two times to teach them the mantra. We chant the mantra 112 times: four runs of 28. We have experienced that halfway almost all participants can put the booklet away and chant increasingly fluent.
They were all very prepared to learn the mantra, even while not knowing what they were up to. It was striking how we really chanted together. Especially the first time it sounded as if we had been chanting together for years.
We chanted then loud, then more slowly, then again very soft and tender, changing all the time.
We find that chanting the mantra in different ways does something with a person. Amrit claims that Medicine Buddha does different things with the diamond shape around us when we change volume and speed.
The diamond shape is for her the shape around a person, around a group of people, or around the world. Well, around several kinds of things.
After the ceremony she often relates what she has seen. Other people as well have clear-cut experiences, or see the color blue.

it gets more intense every week



Medicine Buddha Havan in the garden

Our good friend Suryia stays with us; already in India he had proposed to make a fire ceremony in our garden. That was a good idea.

Amrit and Suryia

Amrit and Suryia

We thought it good to invite the neighbors. Each was welcome and also the people who did not want to come knew at least what the chanting was about in the garden next door.

Neighbors Jemme and Pheadra

Neighbors Jemme and Pheadra

Because of the late timing of the invitation many people had already made other plans. Still enough family and neighbors showed up to make it a special afternoon.
At the same time as we held the ceremony two gardens away there was a birthday. At a certain moment all party-goers were singing out loud  “happy birthday to you”.
it gave something special to the ceremony!
Amrit and a piece of Pijke

Amrit and a piece of Pijke