Gurupurnima is a holiday where one celebrates the connection with the guru; we have celebrated this connection with a huge Medicine Buddha and the recording of his mantra. Joep and I have learnt this mantra from our guru ShantiMayi, and a guru teaches one to discover the guru within. Medicine Buddha allows me to discover a lot, and thus this circle is round again. As round as the full moon on this day.

In the past weeks Joep and I have made several preparations for the weekend of the 17th of July at the Humaniversity. One of these was to find the huge Medicine Buddha statue which was shown in the vision. I have made a lot of calls and wrote a lot of e-mails, and of all things he turned up in a web shop located in Haarlem, our hometown; thanks Saskia and Arno for your involvement!

On the 7th of July (7-7; that is so special because 7 is the sacred number of the Tibetan Buddhists), yesterday night, a magnificent Medicine Buddha came to us. This Medicine Buddha started speaking to me; the first sight on the web shop gave a reaction of “it is possible”; not really enthusiastic. A few weeks later he appeared in a dream and in a meditation. When Joep and I saw him yesterday we became still: he touched us into tears. Life is so wonderful….

Straight after we took him to the music studio Smeenk Brothers in the Waarderpolder to record a CD with the healing ritual of the Medicine Buddha. The Medicine Buddha was put next to his little brother; they come along well. We bathed him with Ganga water, and honored him with incense, a flower and of course his mantra.

Recording a CD is another wonderful experience; I am used to being free in singing and moving; for recording I had to keep my mouth at a specific distance from the microphone: have you ever done that? There is way less liberty in movement… We finished with the singing of a singing bowl. After three takes a rather big singing bowl becomes a rather HEAVY singing bowl. Hearing our voices back is a novelty as well; beautifulllll! According to Pieter (Joep’s youngest brother) Joep and me complete each other voicewise……we complete each other with quite more.

And the weekend comes closer and closer; I look so much forward to it!!! See you there…