Yesterday I wrote a blog on Hyves about the Medicine Buddha healing event in July. Many of my Hyves-friends will already be gone on holidays, live too far away, or have other reasons for not being able to attend. So I have let know that everyone who reads my blog may give me names. I would make sure that the names (or other cases) would turn up on paper and in the fire at the healing ceremony.
I received a terrific amount of reactions, seldom I got so many.

Many wrote names under my blog. Even more sent me a private message with names. Often they wrote the reason for the request for healing. Many mails were very personal.
Many requested healing for themselves, their families, for the world, for peace.
There were people asking for healing for a dying member of the family, ’so that they may die in peace’.
It touched me that so many reacted, and that the reactions were so intimate.

CLICK HERE to read the blog on Hyves (it’s only in Dutch…)